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State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez’s push to return state jobs to the capital city today culminated in the signing of a new law mandating that Sangamon County be the default location for state positions in agencies under the Governor. House Bill 4295 directs state agencies to set a geographic location for each job, and if there isn’t a geographic necessity for the state job, then it should be located in Sangamon County.
“For all of my time as state representative, I have made it a priority to push State agencies to identify positions within State government that can and should be located in Sangamon County. A recent report identified hundreds of jobs that could potentially be relocated to the capital city. By making Sangamon County the default location for state jobs in state law, it sends a clear signal that state jobs should be in the capital city, unless they need to be located somewhere else in the state to best serve our residents,” said State Representative Jimenez (R-Leland Grove), the legislation’s chief sponsor.
Rep. Jimenez thanks Omar (La Fiesta) and Thomas (CKM Self Defense) and their local businesses for donating more than 60 backpacks to the Lincoln Presidential Museum’s drive for Springfield District 186 students.

You too can donate this month and you will receive a free ticket to the museum for each backpack you give.  The local business sponsors generously donated these vouchers to the district too.

To donate a backpack, click here!
Recently, the Illinois Department of Transportation announced a six year FY 2019-2024 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. The $11.05 billion investment will be made across Illinois, including $2.2 billion in FY 2019 alone. IDOT is proposing 23 projects in the 99th district between 2019-2024 totaling nearly $68 million and covering 28.46 miles of roadway.

In this Multi-Year Program, IDOT is moving away from its traditional “worst-first” investment strategy. Historically, the department waited for roads and bridges to deteriorate to the worst condition before addressing them, even though this is the costliest time to make improvements. IDOT will pursue assessment management strategies that will continuously evaluate infrastructure and apply low-cost treatments that will produce better long-term benefits over IDOT’s past practices.

For a list of all proposed projects in the 99th district, please click here.
The Illinois House and Senate took a step forward today to pass a series of  revisions in Illinois law that will increase transparency and accountability in our laws that will better help protect employees in the area of discrimination and sexual harassment in Illinois, but there is more work to do.

“These protections are the result of numerous hearings and dozens of hours of testimony from victims and others. We must make changes to ensure that everyone who works at the Capitol in Springfield or in any public service job in Illinois is safe from harassment, intimidation, or unwanted sexual advances,” said State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (R-Leland Grove), who serves as the minority spokesperson on the Illinois House Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Task Force.

Bringing State Jobs Back to Springfield
Big news for state jobs in Sangamon County, as HB 4295 passed the Senate on a vote of 53-0-0. This legislation will make Sangamon County the default location for State jobs unless the position is required to be in another location due to a facility or constituency. Thank you to Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady and Senator Andy Manar for sponsoring this legislation in the Senate and for his support of this important legislation for our capital city. I am honored to represent the capital city in the Illinois House of Representatives. This legislation rightfully recognizes Sangamon County’s unique position in our great state. The legislation will now head to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Budget Update
The end of the regular session of the General Assembly is six days away. If a budget is not adopted by that time, it will take a supermajority vote of the House and Senate to pass a budget. Over the last several weeks, a budget working group has been meeting regularly to discuss details about the budget and to craft what I hope will be a bipartisan, balanced budget, that can pass the House and Senate by May 31st. I am hopeful that we will be able to finish their work on time so we can pass a balanced budget and avoid another budget stalemate. Passing a balanced budget is essential for Sangamon County and our whole state. I will continue to have discussions with my colleagues in the House over the next few days to do what I can to ensure that we pass a responsible, balanced budget that will improve the financial condition of our state and provide needed services to the most vulnerable.

News Channel 20 is following the progress of Rep. Jimenez's House Bill 4309, which has passed the House and is now being discussed in the Senate. The legislation was initiated by a constituent fighting for her right to visit her elderly father. Watch the latest update here.