Jimenez Advances Resolution Aimed at Bringing State Jobs Back to Springfield

State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez today advanced legislation in the Illinois House aimed at bringing as many state jobs as possible back to the capital city. Rep Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) stressed that the home of Illinois’ state government should also be home base for as many of our state government employees as possible.

Jimenez’ resolution, HJR 133, calls on agencies under the Governor to compile a report listing the number of state employees in each county, their job description and a justification of why those positions, specifically upper and middle management, cannot be located in Springfield. The report would not require detailed information about direct service workers, just the number of such positions by division and facility.

“As I’ve talked with local leaders and residents in the district, moving state government back to the capital city is a major priority,” Representative Jimenez said. “In addition, now more than ever, we need to find ways to cut costs and improve efficiency in state government. This study and the resulting report will help provide a roadmap.”

Jimenez said she understood the need for frontline personnel who interact directly with the public to be stationed throughout the state, but she wants to find out which personnel could be located in the capital city. The goal of the study would not be to force any state employee to move to Springfield immediately, but to see if a vacated position could be re-located to Springfield to be filled. Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder testified on the benefits of conducting the study.

“Over recent years, everyone is aware of the understandable downsizing of all governments, including the State of Illinois. Unfortunately, some positions were also moved outside of Springfield despite many of the office functions remaining in Springfield,” Mayor Langfelder said. “We are confident this report will uncover ways we can operate more efficiently as a government and a state capital.”

“Over the years, thousands of state positions have left the Springfield area and that has had a negative effect on our economy and the state’s bottom-line. Once this study is complete we can make responsible, informed decisions about where state jobs will serve our residents and taxpayers in the most productive way,” Representative Jimenez agreed.

The resolution goes on to urge state agencies to fill vacant positions in Springfield first. The reports should be completed by August 31. Having passed the House Executive Committee, HJR 133 now advances to the floor for consideration by the full House.