Lawmakers: Auditor General Needs to Stop Stalling on Months-old Campaign Expense and Reporting Questions

A group of Illinois lawmakers began in February formally requesting that Auditor General Frank Mautino work expeditiously to answer serious questions about campaign expenditures and reporting procedures dating back to his time in the Illinois House of Representatives. More than three months later, with no answers forthcoming, Representative Sara Jimenez and fellow lawmakers stressed that Mautino’s foot dragging needs to stop immediately.

“I’m not pre-judging Auditor General Mautino. I don’t know whether the unusual campaign  expenses and reporting procedures being reviewed will ultimately prove problematic or not, but these are serious questions about possible financial impropriety surrounding the man who is now in charge of safeguarding Illinois taxpayers’ money from fraud and abuse. For the credibility of his office, he needs to answer the questions and bring this issue to a close immediately,” said Representative Jimenez.

A group of twelve legislators from the House sent the initial request to Auditor General Mautino on February 1st asking for a written reply within 10 days. Mautino replied on February 9th that he needed more time to properly address the request. To accommodate the Auditor General, the lawmakers on February 11th extended their request deadline to February 25th. Mautino replied that he had retained a legal firm to assist him and would be working ‘…during the next few weeks in order to respond to your letter.’

Twenty two members of the House and Senate released the correspondence Thursday stressing their growing frustration with the continued delays, and twenty members of the House sent Auditor General Mautino a third letter (posted below) requesting an immediate resolution to the issue.