Rep. Jimenez on House Passage of HJRCA 58: Residents have been demanding redistricting reform for years.

Statement of Rep. Jimenez on the importance of today's House Passage of  a Constitutional Amendment allowing voters to reform  how Congressional and State Legislative districts are drawn in Illinois:

“Today the Illinois House of Representatives took a big step in the right direction by advancing House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (HJRCA) 58. HJRCA58 is a constitutional amendment to change the way our legislative district boundaries are drawn. If this amendment is passed from the Senate, the amendment will be placed on the ballot this November for voter ratification. HJRCA58 takes the power to draw legislative districts out of the hands of politicians and creates an independent, bipartisan commission to create legislative districts after the next census. This is an important step towards reforming the State of Illinois and bring accountability to those in Springfield. Residents around Illinois have been demanding this reform for years and I support this amendment wholeheartedly and hope the Senate passes this amendment as quickly as possible in order to get it on the ballot this November.”