Rep. Jimenez's Student Advisory Committee Convenes at the Capitol

Representative Jimenez has formed a Student Advisory Committee consisting of high school students from each of the public and private high schools in the 99th District.

The Committee met for the first time on May 3rd at the Capitol and observed the House of Representatives pass a constitutional amendment on redistricting. The Committee met with Representative Jimenez and discussed issues relating to State government and education. The Committee plans to meet again later this year.

From left to right are : Ka’ Dia Dhatnbia (Calvary Academy), Elaina Martinez (Glenwood High School), Jimmy Riemer (Springfield High School), Will Raftis (Pleasant Plains), Rep. Jimenez,  Steven Cowles (Lutheran High School),  Zach Hoyle (Sacred Heart Griffin), Luke Humphrey (Auburn High School), Riley Anders (New Berlin), and Hannah Gudgel (Pawnee High School).