With the budget clock ticking Speaker Madigan Cancels Third Straight Week of Session

Statement of Rep. Jimenez on Speaker Madigan's Cancellation of Three Session Weeks in a Row:

"Once again Speaker Madigan has decided to cancel another week of session. With less than 10 days to the beginning of the new budget year, it is disappointing there seems to be no urgency from the Speaker’s office to bring us together to discuss these important, challenging issues. 
If members of the General Assembly are not in session—there is a 0 percent chance that a balanced, responsible budget can be passed that would provide certainty and stability to all of those who rely on state government.

 With so much riding on the outcome of the progress of the working groups, I believe we need to return to session immediately and have all the members of the General Assembly have input in ending this impasse. The people we represent expect us to be at work in session, as promised, so we can work toward an agreement that will allow our schools to open on time, provide certainty to the human service community, state employees and operations, businesses and taxpayers."