Click Rep. Jimenez's Session Review 2016 for Budget, Education Funding and other Legislative Session Details families can read more about the state’s stopgap budget, state funding increases for local school
districts and other important issues from this year’s legislative session here on State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez’s website.  Rep. Jimenez has posted a Session Review to keep local residents up to date without the costs associated with a mailed newsletter.

“While the budget and school funding were certainly the most critical state issues we tackled this spring, we also made progress on other initiatives important to Sangamon County families and our local economy. You can read more about them all in the Session Review posted on my website.” Rep. Jimemez said.

Representative Jimemez said the Session Review is readily accessible here on the website by clicking the Session Review 2016 icon in the top right hand margin of the homepage. The Review is also printable.