Rep. Jimenez: Newly Released Report is the First Step to Moving State Jobs Back to the Capital City

A newly-released state jobs report indicates the potential for close to 400 jobs to move back to the capital city. Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) passed legislation in the spring urging state agencies to compile the workforce data in an effort to identify where state jobs are currently located and provide justification for their location.

 “This report is the first step in the process to determine the number of positions that could potentially be relocated to Sangamon County.  I look forward to analyzing it with Central Management Services and the Governor’s office to ultimately develop a policy that would prioritize the placement of future state jobs in Springfield,” Rep. Jimenez said.

Jimenez’s resolution urged agencies under the Governor to compile a report listing the number of state employees in each county, including justification for the location. The goal of the study is not to force any state employee to move to Springfield immediately, but to see if a vacated position could be relocated to Springfield in the future.  This report will be the first step in the process of making Sangamon County a priority for filling many state jobs in the future.

“CMS supports Governor Rauner’s commitment to bring more state government functions back to Springfield. CMS performed a state-wide workforce study that identifies a significant number of positions with the potential to be relocated to Springfield. Moving forward, CMS and other agencies will remain vigilant in reviewing opportunities to return positions to Sangamon County,” said CMS Acting Director Michael M. Hoffman.

Representative Jimenez plans to set up meetings with CMS and the Governor’s office in the coming weeks to continue to discuss the report and identify the next steps in the process.

To view the full CMS report click here. For more information about the report click here.