Capitol Update 1-13-17

The 100th General Assembly is Underway
All 118 house members of the New General Assembly took the Oath of Office Wednesday at Sangamon Auditorium on the UIS Campus. 

I am deeply honored to have been chosen by my neighbors to be their voice in the Illinois House for
this historic 100th General Assembly, and we have a lot of urgent work to do. Unfortunately, we’re starting out the New Year and the new General Assembly without a state budget. Getting a responsible plan in place must absolutely be our first priority. I’m encouraged by the recent bi-partisan discussions in the Senate, and I want to work to build on that foundation.

I’m also looking forward to continuing efforts begun last year to bring state jobs back to our district. A study I initiated revealed that hundreds of good state jobs could be brought back to the Capitol city area. This year, we need to move forward with the plan to begin their relocation.

Edge Tax Credit Program to be Temporarily Extended

Before the new General Assembly was sworn in this week, the outgoing 99th General  Assembly in its final hours voted to extend for four months the state’s EDGE tax credit program.

 EDGE, which has served as one of the state’s leading economic tools to encourage employers to locate or expand here in Illinois, expired on December 31st. Senate Bill 513, which passed both chambers by large, bi-partisan margins,  extends the program through April 30th while the new General Assembly considers options for its revision and improvement.  Governor Rauner has indicated he will sign the four month extension into law.

Criminal Justice Reforms Proposed

Another big task facing the new 100th General Assembly will be implementing reforms to help make our communities safer while also looking at alternative measures that will help us reduce our prison population. 

Those who commit crimes should receive appropriate punishment, but that can’t be our sole focus. We must also have plans in place to help them become contributing members of society when they’re released. This week the Criminal Justice Reform Commission created by the Governor released 13 new recommendations to help achieve those goals. You can read more about the recommendations in the State Journal Register.

Please stay in Touch

As we headed back into session this week,  I was so excited to meet one of my constituents, Ben Formea. Thanks for coming by and thanks for your patience waiting for session to begin.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact my office with questions, concerns, or ideas as the session moves forward.  Your input is important and my door is always open .  I’m located on the first floor of the Stratton Office Building, and the phone number is 217.782.0044. You can also e-mail me at

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