Rep. Jimenez Renews Focus on Budget, Jobs in New General Assembly

Before family, friends and supporters, Sara Wojcicki Jimenez today took the oath of office to represent the 99th district in the new 100th General Assembly. All 118 house members were sworn in at noon today at Sangamon Auditorium at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Rep. Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) said this year it’s more important than ever that the new General Assembly hits the ground running.

“I am deeply honored to have been chosen by my neighbors to be their voice in the Illinois House, and we have a lot of urgent work to do,” Rep. Jimenez said. “Unfortunately, we’re starting out the New Year and the new General Assembly without a state budget. Getting a responsible plan in place must absolutely be our first priority. I’m encouraged by the recent bi-partisan discussions in the Senate, and I want to work to build on that foundation.”

While today was her first time participating in the formal House inauguration ceremony, Representative Jimenez has served the district as State Representative since November of 2015, focusing on issues important to local families.

“I’m looking forward to continuing efforts begun last year to bring state jobs back to our district. A study I initiated revealed that hundreds of good state jobs could be brought back to the Capitol city area. This year, we need to move forward with the plan to begin their relocation,” Representative Jimenez said.

The new 100th General Assembly will serve until January 2019. Representative Jimenez encouraged residents of the 99th district to contact her with questions or concerns as the session moves forward.