Rep. Sara's Update from the Capitol 1-27-17

Attorney General Madigan is wrong to try to block state employees’ pay

Most of you have probably read or heard by now that Attorney General Lisa Madigan is going to court to try to stop state employee paychecks until the state budget stalemate is resolved.

In the midst of an unprecedented budget crisis, our state employees have continued to perform their work every day and have provided services to the people of Illinois while facing tremendous pressure and uncertainty. I am thankful that every state employee has continued to receive a paycheck throughout this impasse.

It is extremely disappointing that Attorney General Lisa Madigan is attempting to block state employee pay until a budget is finalized. We have seen tremendous progress in the last couple of weeks towards hopefully ending this stalemate. I am calling upon Attorney General Madigan to drop her efforts to block state employee pay and allow the members of the General Assembly to finish the work that the Senate has begun and negotiate a balanced budget that will get our state back on the right path.

State of the State Address Provided a Realistic Assessment, Hopeful Outlook

This week, the Governor delivered his annual State of the State address to a joint session of the General Assembly. I think it was a fair and realistic assessment on where we stand and the serious challenges we still face; most notably, passing a responsible, full-year budget.  I agree with the governor that we need to grow, and we need to work together to create jobs and to move our state forward and I’m optimistic that we can do that.  You can view my full video response here.

Focusing on Veterans’ Issues

My new Veterans’ Advisory Group met for the first time this week, and our discussion was very informative. I am so thankful for these folks' continued service and most of all their service to our country, and I am really looking forward to working with them this session on issues important to veterans in our community. Members of the group include Vince Speranza, John Mizer, John O'Neill, Alanna Wood, Dave Lewis, Jay Hoffman and Gabriel Broughton.

Highlighting Local Business: Custom Cup Coffee

Throughout the spring legislative session, my office mate Representative Tim Butler and I are highlighting some of our wonderful local businesses to introduce them to our General Assembly colleagues from around the state. On Wednesday we kicked off the event in our office by offering delicious coffee from Custom Cup Coffee located in Springfield.  Needless to say, the coffee was a hit! Thank you Custom Cup, and all of the legislators, staff and visitors who stopped by.

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