Local Initiative to Bar Convicted Child Sex Offenders from Possessing Minors’ photos in Prison Receives House Hearing

The Illinois House Judicial-Criminal Committee Wednesday heard testimony from a Central Illinois family working with Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez to pass legislation barring convicted child sex offenders from possessing in prison any photographs or images of their victims or other minors. House Bill 806 received a Subject Matter hearing in committee Wednesday afternoon.

“In our opinion if a person is rightfully convicted of any sexual crime that involves children, he or she should not have the right to possess any photos or portrait sketches of any child under the age of 18 during their incarceration,” said David Lewis, who, with his family, brought the need for the legislation to Representative Jimenez’s attention.

House Bill 806 specifically prevents an inmate from receiving or possessing a photograph of a minor under 18 years of age while incarcerated in the Department of Corrections if he or she has been convicted of criminal sexual assault; aggravated criminal sexual assault; predatory criminal sexual assault of a child; criminal sexual abuse; aggravated criminal sexual abuse; or a substantially similar offense involving a victim under the age of 18.

“The thought that someone could hurt or abuse your child is every parent’s worst nightmare. Allowing that abuser to keep photos of your other children in his or her prison cell inflicts additional trauma no family should be forced to endure,” Representative Jimenez said.

Following the Wednesday hearing, House Bill 806 was sent to sub-committee for further review.



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