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Grand Bargain Update
The budget discussions are still ongoing. A separate budget proposal was introduced this week by Senator Bill Brady that would provide for a balanced budget. It is important to keep the conversations related to the budget moving by putting forth ideas on how to end the impasse. I am urging my colleagues in the House to join the discussions so we can pass a balanced budget as quickly as possible and get it to the Governor’s desk so he can sign it into law. We can only end this impasse by bringing Republicans and Democrats together in a bipartisan manner. The longer we put off passing a balanced budget the more difficult the choices will be for climbing out of the financial hole we are currently in. I am prepared to take the tough votes that are necessary to end the gridlock and move our state forward.

St. John’s Nursing Students
 I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with over 35 nursing students from St. John’s College of Nursing this week to discuss legislation important to nurses and the healthcare industry. I was inspired by the students’ passion for their work and dedication to quality patient care. 

Grant Middle School
I was happy to recognize student-athletes from the Grant Middle School 7th Grade Boys Basketball Team for winning the State Championship this year. The team’s hard work and dedication has paid off.

Pittman’s Popcorn at the Capitol
 Representative Butler and I are now in month three of spotlighting more local businesses. This week we welcomed Pittman’s Popcorn Shop to our Stratton Building office. Mike Pittman, the owner, served up a multitude of unique popcorn flavors for legislators, staff, and guests. Pittman’s Popcorn Shop is located on Wabash Ave, Springfield, IL. You can check them out online at pittmanspopcornshop.com.

Page for the Day
Special thanks to Anna Carlisle from New Berlin for being my honorary page for the day. If your child is interested in being an honorary page, please feel free to contact my office at 217-782-0044.
Agriculture Day with FFA Students
 I was very excited to meet with FFA students from New Berlin and Pleasant Plains High Schools as a part of Agriculture Day at the Capitol. Among the topics we discussed was the need for properly funded agriculture programs at
our local schools. Not only is agriculture an important part of our local and state economy, it offers excellent learning and career opportunities for our area’s youth.

Under The Dome: Blue Room
This week's edition of  Under the Dome offers a look at the "Blue Room" in the Capitol Building where press conferences are typically held. Click below to watch.

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