Jimenez Bill for Veterans Treatment Courts Goes to the Governor

On Monday, the Illinois House of Representatives passed SB 1238 on a vote of 108-1-0. SB 1238 expands the Illinois Veterans Treatment Courts to allow for the Chief Administrative Judge in a Circuit to expand the specialty courts to be located in one or more county in the circuit. This legislation passed the Senate unanimously and now heads to the Governor’s desk for signature.

“This legislation is important for our veterans, especially in more in rural parts of the state that are participating in these veterans treatment courts,” said Representative Jimenez. “When our service men and women return home from serving our country, often times they struggle with the transition from military to civilian life and turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. Veterans service courts provide our veterans who have committed non-violent offenses the ability to receive rehabilitation services as an alternative to the traditional judicial system.”

“I am honored to sponsor this legislation, along with Senator McCann, to expand veterans service courts that are giving our service men and women a second chance and avoid the traditional criminal justice system. These courts are having tremendous success around the country and I’m confident they will serve our veterans across the state of Illinois well,” said Representative Jimenez

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