Rep. Jimenez: Time to Act on Higher Ed. Funding Proposals

Statement of Rep. Jimenez:

“Today I am traveling from the capital city to Chicago, where the House Higher Education-Appropriations Committee will convene yet another subject matter hearing to hear testimony on the financial hardships inflicted on colleges and universities by our ongoing state budget impasse. With all due respect, merely listening again to testimony we’ve already heard on multiple occasions won’t get us any closer to solving the problem. We need to act. Our Committee must move on from re-hashing the problem to advancing potential solutions.

This spring, a bi-partisan agreement to fund higher education was crafted in the Senate that would fully fund MAP grants, and would restore state funding for universities to approximately 90% of funding they received before the impasse (FY 15). We should debate that proposal in an upcoming committee, offer changes, and vote on it.

I support House consideration of any proposal that will provide adequate, long-term funding for our colleges and universities. If other members of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee have other funding proposals to help our Universities in crisis, I am ready and willing to consider them as well, but we must move forward and begin advancing workable solutions.”

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