Rep. Jimenez: Alternative School Funding Bills Provide More Dollars to Local Districts

State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez today joined Governor Bruce Rauner and Auburn School District 10 Superintendent Darren Root in support of fair school funding that provides the best outcome for Sangamon County schools. Rep. Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) stressed that additional dollars for Chicago Public Schools contained in Senate Bill 1 takes potential funding from our local schools.    

“We have a chance to make history and adopt a new school funding plan that for the first time ensures all school districts in Illinois are equitably and adequately funded.  Unfortunately, under Senate Bill 1, a majority of new funds for education is directed to CPS.  That’s not fair and equitable, and it’s money that comes directly out of our local schools’ budgets,” Rep. Jimenez said.

“Our state and our district is in desperate need of a new formula and I’m urging all sides of this issue to come together on a solution that is good for all districts in Illinois,” said Darren Root, Superintendent of Auburn Unit School District 10.

This spring, Rep. Jimenez and many of her colleagues in the Legislature pushed for passage of a similar funding reform proposal (HB 4069/SB 1124) that would have more fairly distributed funding statewide but neither bill was allowed a vote. Senate Bill 1 passed both the House and Senate, but supporters have used a procedural maneuver to block it from being acted upon by the Governor, leaving all schools in the lurch. Rep. Jimenez today called on Democrat colleagues to either release Senate Bill 1 so that the Governor may make his promised changes and return it to the Legislature, or allow a vote on the alternative bills.

“Our alternative funding bills would provide more than one million dollars in additional funding for school districts here in the 99th Legislative District,” Rep. Jimenez said. “It’s is not fair to give CPS more than its fair share at the expense of other school districts around the state which are also struggling and need our help. That’s not reform. It’s the same rigged system that got our state into this mess. Stand with us to fix the inequities in Senate Bill 1 so children in each school district can thrive.”                                                 

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