New Jimenez-sponsored Laws Expand Successful Veterans Courts, Modernize Record Keeping at Dept. of Agriculture

Two new laws sponsored this spring by State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez will expand the successful Veterans and Service Members Court Program in Illinois, and modernize some record keeping and information sharing at the Department of Agriculture.

Senate Bill 1238, recently signed into law as PA 100-0088, will expand access to Veterans treatment courts to more counties in downstate Illinois so our veterans will be able to take advantage of this program closer to home. In 2010, the Illinois General Assembly passed the Illinois Veterans and Service Members Court Treatment Act. These specialty courts allow for veterans who have committed certain non-violent offenses the ability to receive rehabilitation services as an alternative to the traditional judicial system.

“I am honored to have sponsored this legislation in the House, along with Senator McCann in the Senate, to assist our nation’s veterans who participate in these court programs. We must continue to do all we can to support our men and women in uniform during their service and especially after they return home. This new law is one small act at helping our veterans after their service is complete, Rep. Jimenez said.

Rep. Jimenez was also the chief House sponsor of House Bill 2998, signed into law as PA 100-0111. This initiative allows the Department of Agriculture to do away with its antiquated requirements that physical books be kept on regulations regarding diseased animals, and that paper brochures be printed since all records are now kept and information is readily available online.

“Doing away with requirements for paper books and printed paper brochures makes the Department’s record keeping and information sharing more modern, efficient, and cost-effective for taxpayers. Working with state employees, I’m confident there are many more efficiencies and cost savings we can achieve,” said Rep. Jimenez.

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