Rep. Jimenez-Sponsored Cost Saving Reforms Become Law

Much needed state procurement reforms co-sponsored by State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez were signed into law today, paving the way for savings on state purchases.

Senate Bill 8 was introduced to allow for cost savings, while still maintaining oversight and transparency in the state procurement process. Some of the reforms included will establish a “best value procurement” pilot program for several state agencies and allow Illinois to enter into joint purchasing agreements with other governmental entities. The reforms also create a special committee to look at State procurement with minority, female, disabled, and veteran businesses.

“We can and must do a better job of reducing the cost of delivering government services to local families. The reforms signed into law today will provide increased flexibility and efficiencies in state purchasing guidelines that has the potential to result in savings for taxpayers;” Rep. Jimenez said.

Rep. Jimenez noted that the procurement reforms attracted a long list of supporters, including many Illinois colleges and universities, and Chief Procurement Officers from numerous state agencies including the Capital Development Board, the Illinois Department of Transportation and Central Management Services.

“This package of reforms passed both the House and Senate with strong bi-partisan support. It’s a significant achievement, but more must follow.  I am committed to continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reach agreement on further reforms that will help grow our economy and provide savings for taxpayers;” Rep. Jimenez concluded.

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