Representative Jimenez passed an important piece of legislation out of the House Wednesday that will make Sangamon County the default location for State jobs unless there is a reason they must be located elsewhere in the state.

In celebration of Illinois’ Bicentennial, State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez, Illinois Bicentennial Commissioner Rikeesha Phelon, along with several community partners today launched the “Illinois Proud Penny Drive” at Butler Elementary in Springfield. The two week campaign encourages Sangamon County school children to donate pennies to purchase a historic Abraham Lincoln artifact that contains the certification of his "good moral character" and permitted him to begin his law career in Springfield.

“Bringing this historic Lincoln document back home will be our local school children’s 200th birthday present to the State of Illinois,” said Rep. Jimenez (R-Leland Grove). “It’s a great way for our kids to participate in our bicentennial celebration, to connect with our history, and also to learn about what it means to have a good moral character, and why it’s as important today as it was when Lincoln was a young man.”
Representative Jimenez passed an important piece of legislation unanimously out of the House Executive Committee today that continues the work of bringing more State jobs to the capital city by directing that the default location for State jobs be Sangamon County unless there is a reason they must be located elsewhere in the state.

“Over the last 2 years, I have made it a priority to push State agencies to identify positions within State government that can and should be located in Sangamon County. We have identified potentially hundreds of jobs that could be moved to Sangamon County that are not needed for a specified reason elsewhere in Illinois. HB 4295 takes the next step in relocating more jobs to Sangamon County by codifying into law that State employment positions should be at the seat of government in Illinois,” Representative Jimenez said.
With the help of a Springfield area advocate, legislation to protect adult children’s visitation with their elderly parents continues to gain momentum in the Illinois House. State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez this week won committee approval of an amendment that clears the way for full House consideration.

“This bill will create a potential pathway for a family member to visit their aging parent in a case where they are being unreasonably blocked from seeing mom or dad by another close relative. I’m grateful to Sandy Baksys from Springfield who shared her personal story. It has been an honor to work with her to find a solution to an issue that sadly impacts many families throughout Illinois. I would also like to thank the Cook County Public Guardian’s Office for their work on finding agreed language,” Representative Jimenez said.

House Bill 4309 Creates the Frail Individual Family Visitation Protection Act. If a caregiver unreasonably prevents a family member from visiting a frail individual, the new act allows the court to order the caregiver to permit visitation between the frail individual and the family member if the court finds that the visitation is in the frail individual's best interests.

“No adult child who has visited and taken care of their elderly parent every day for years should be prevented from continuing to visit just because the owner of the private home where the elder has gone to live vows never to open the door,” said Sandy Baksys. “This bill will not create any new rights under Illinois law.  But it will close a major loophole that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a loving daughter like me to challenge a caregiver who is unreasonably denying visitation through our elder’s entire end-of-life.”
If you and your family are interested in visiting some of Chicago’s world-class museums, Rep. Jimenez's office has a museum pass you can borrow, which is provided by the Museums in the Park Organization. Any resident of the 99th District can borrow our Constituent Education Resource Card, to visit any of the following museums in the city of Chicago for 2018:

Field Museum photo credit: Nimesh Madhavan

• Adler Planetarium
• The Art Institute of Chicago
• Brookfield Zoo
• Chicago Botanic Garden
• Chicago Children’s Museum
• Chicago History Museum
• Dusable Museum of African American History
• The Field Museum
• Lincoln Park Zoo
• Museum of Contemporary Art
• Museum of Science and Industry
• National Museum of Mexican Art
• National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture
• Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
• John G. Shedd Aquarium

Please contact Rep. Jimenez's office at (217)782-0044 and provide your name and address along with the dates you are requesting (can be used for up to 3 days) and we will provide you with the Constituent Education Resource Card for your use.

This week the House adopted House Resolution 836 to pay tribute to a former State Representative and United States Congressman Jack Davis. Mr. Davis dedicated his life to public service both in elected office and through his service in the United States armed forces. Rep. Jimenez said it was an honor to pay tribute to his life and legacy with his family present in the House gallery.

This week Rep. Jimenez along with constituent Sandy Baksys passed HB4309 out of the House Judiciary-Civil committee on unanimous vote. This bill will create a potential pathway for a family member to visit their aging parent in a case where they are being unreasonably blocked from seeing mom or dad by another close relative. The legislation will next be considered by the full House.

House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force Chairperson, Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), and Minority Spokesperson Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) Tuesday presented to the House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force a bi-partisan draft proposal for the task force’s input and discussion. The proposal aims to strengthen harassment and discrimination protections in state and local government.

Representatives Jimenez and Currie stress that their reform recommendations are the result of dozens of hours of testimony from those who have reported harassment as well as those who have been tasked with responding and investigating.

“Sexual discrimination and harassment are serious problems that inflict a multitude of harms, not only on a person’s ability to earn a living, but on their dignity as a person. These are not problems limited to the halls of government or Hollywood movie studios,” Representative Currie said. “It is our duty as legislators to ensure both public and private sector workplaces educate and enforce practices and policies to change behavior and create an inclusive workplace culture where everyone is treated with dignity.”
Over the past few weeks hundreds of new bills have been filed in the Illinois House that sponsors, including Rep. Jimenez, will work to have heard in House committees, then on the House floor. Click below to learn more about the bill filing process that dominates the first several weeks of the spring session each year.

State Representative Sara Wojcicki honored Justice John Schmidt and his service to Sangamon County on the House Floor Wednesday with House Resolution 753.

This week,  Rep. Jimenez stood on the House floor to talk about the importance of the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements for Illinois.

At their most recent meeting, The House Committee on Sexual Discrimination and Harassment  took testimony from the Governor's office, and the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR). IDHR officials' testimony also included a power point presentation. You can view the power point here, and watch Rep. Jimenez recap the committee's progress below.

State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez this week initiated the next crucial step to moving more state jobs back to Sangamon County. Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) filed legislation directing that state jobs should be filled in the Capital City unless there is a reason they must be located elsewhere in the state.
“In recent reports, there are potentially hundreds of state jobs that could be moved to Sangamon County. Returning them to the center of state government could save money and improve efficiency in the long run,” Rep. Jimenez said.
Rep. Jimenez previously spearheaded passage of a resolution that urged agencies under the Governor to compile a report listing the number of state employees in each county, including justification for the location. The report released indicates the potential for nearly 400 jobs to move back to the Capital City. House Bill 4295, filed Monday, takes the next step in the process, requiring the Director of Central Management Services to relocate to Sangamon County all State employment positions under the Personnel Code that are not required by their nature or function to be located in another area. It also requires that all new positions created be located in the Capitol City unless required to be located in another specific location.