Bi-Partisan Outline Offered to Reform State Sexual Harassment and Discrimation Procedures

House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force Chairperson, Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), and Minority Spokesperson Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (R-Leland Grove) Tuesday presented to the House Sexual Discrimination and Harassment Task Force a bi-partisan draft proposal for the task force’s input and discussion. The proposal aims to strengthen harassment and discrimination protections in state and local government.

Representatives Jimenez and Currie stress that their reform recommendations are the result of dozens of hours of testimony from those who have reported harassment as well as those who have been tasked with responding and investigating.

“Sexual discrimination and harassment are serious problems that inflict a multitude of harms, not only on a person’s ability to earn a living, but on their dignity as a person. These are not problems limited to the halls of government or Hollywood movie studios,” Representative Currie said. “It is our duty as legislators to ensure both public and private sector workplaces educate and enforce practices and policies to change behavior and create an inclusive workplace culture where everyone is treated with dignity.”

“We are certainly grateful for all of those who have testified and shared their stories with us. They have made it abundantly clear that changes need to be made to protect those who come forward, and to ensure their claims are promptly and thoroughly investigated,” Representative Jimenez said. “Based on what we heard, Leader Currie and I have drafted this proposal to serve as a starting point for discussion in order to help address many of the concerns and problems in the system.”

Leader Currie and Representative Jimenez’s recommended reforms are attached, and can also be found here: (Anti-Harassment Reforms Working Draft). 

Any feedback or suggestions can be submitted at

The Illinois House Discrimination and Harassment Task Force is scheduled to meet next in Springfield on March 6.




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