Jimenez: House Passes Bills Initiated by Local Residents

Two pieces of legislation crucial to two local families cleared the Illinois House Friday, according to their chief sponsor, Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez. 

HB 4309, the Kasem-Baksys Act, will allow an adult child of an elder parent to petition a court for visitation when there is no legal guardian or power of attorney for the elderly parent. According to Rep. Jimenez, the bill will create a potential pathway for a family member to visit their aging parent in a case where they are being unreasonably blocked from seeing mom or dad by another close relative.

“I am so proud of my constituent, Sandy Baksys, for telling her story before the House Judiciary Civil Committee a few weeks ago,” said Jimenez. “House Bill 4309 has gained several sponsors from both sides of the aisle, and now simply awaits Senate approval.”

The House on Friday also honored the sacrifice of Corporal James “Chad” Young of Chatham, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010. Corporal Young’s family was in the gallery to receive representatives’ gratitude and well wishes. The House then passed House Joint Resolution 74 which designates a section of Route 4 through Chatham the Corporal James “Chad” Young Memorial Highway.

“We can never forget the sacrifices that our military men, women and their families have made in defense of our nation. Today we honored the life of Chatham’s Corporal Young on the House Floor and soon we will name IL Route 4 through Chatham in his honor. I am so thankful to his mother, Mrs. Young, his sister, Katie Young Powell, his niece, Sydney Robbins, his cousin, Jennifer Duffy and Chatham mayor Dave Kimsey for joining us in the gallery today," added Jimenez.

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