Local organizations give kids a big boost for penny drive

Local kids participating in the Illinois Proud Penny Drive are getting a big fundraising boost from two local organizations just days before the drive ends. Both the Sangamon County Bar Association (SCBA) and Staab Funeral Homes presented checks that each equal to 100,000 pennies to Chatham Elementary School and Catholic grade schools gathered at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception School, two of the more than 60 schools collecting donations for the campaign that ends on April 27, 2018.

“We are delighted by the partnership of Sangamon County Bar Association and Staab Funeral Homes. Students will be blown away by their partnership and contribution at this moment in Illinois history,” said Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez.

The two week penny drive encourages Sangamon County school children to donate pennies to purchase a historic Abraham Lincoln artifact that contains the certification of his “good moral character” and permitted him to begin his law career in Springfield. The artifact, The Minute Book of Sangamon County from July 1835 to July 1838, also includes information about some of Lincoln's first legal cases.

“The Sangamon County Bar Association is proud to support Sangamon County school children during the Illinois Proud Penny Drive,” said Sangamon County Bar Association President Jennifer Hammer.  “Sangamon County has a rich tradition of producing first-rate jurists, Abraham Lincoln foremost among them.  Lincoln would later, as President, draw on the wisdom gained form his early life as a prairie lawyer. The Sangamon County Bar Association can think of no better way to pay homage to the legacy of Lincoln and the legal profession than by the acquisition of this document.”
The bar association’s $1,000 gift is being matched by Staab Funeral Homes. The Staab family has a long tradition of supporting community efforts to memorialize Abraham Lincoln’s local legacy in Springfield. Their community work includes participation in the Lincoln Funeral Coalition, producing the Abraham Lincoln Hearse and now the Illinois Proud Penny Drive for the Illinois bicentennial.

"We are so proud of our local parochial students for getting involved in this penny drive," said Staab Funeral Homes President, PJ Staab II. "President Lincoln actually turned to a Catholic leader for help convincing European leaders that the Civil War was about the immorality of slavery. His bravery, wisdom, and honesty are values we, including our young people, can all aspire to reach. By helping with this effort, we are showing our kids we can accomplish anything when we work together."

Organizers are hopeful that others will give similar gifts that will accelerate the kids’ efforts to make history during the historic bicentennial celebration in Illinois. Those wishing to donate to the kids' campaign can make checks payable to the “Illinois Proud Penny Drive” at any Bank of Springfield location by this Friday, April 27.

For more information from the Staab Funeral Homes, contact Jessica McGee at 217-816-2842 or Jessica@StaabFamily.com.

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