Locally-initiated Bills Advance in the House

Two bills sponsored by Rep. Jiminez that were initiatives of constituents of the 99th district have  recently passed out of committee. HB 4309, the Kasem-Baksys Act, will allow an adult child of an elder parent to petition a court for visitation when there is no legal guardian or power of attorney for the elderly parent. Rep. Jimenez noted that she is  proud of her constituent, Sandy Baksys, for telling her story before the House Judiciary Civil Committee a few weeks ago. HB 4309 has gained several sponsors from both sides of the aisle. On Friday, the legislation passed the House, clearing another important hurdle so families like Sandy’s can have a path towards petitioning for visitation of an elderly family member they’ve been denied the right to see.

Another important bill that was brought to Rep. Jimenez by a constituent passed out of the House Executive Committee last week. HB 4539 will prohibit inmates convicted of sexual offenses against minors from possessing photos of minors while they are incarcerated if Department of Corrections mental health personnel believe they should not have them. Rep. Jimenez will work with all parties to address some of the concerns that were raised in committee so this bill may be passed out of the House as quickly as possible.

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