Jimenez: New Locally-Initiated Law Protects Adult Children's Visitation With Elderly Parents

A new law initiated by a local advocate will protect adult children’s visitation with their elderly parents. House Bill 4309 was signed into law this week. Chief House sponsor State Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez said the need for the change was brought to her attention by a Springfield resident who was being blocked from visiting her elderly father.

“I’m grateful to Sandy Baksys from Springfield who shared her personal story and made this new protection possible to help families across Illinois,” Representative Jimenez said. “This new law will create a potential pathway for family members to secure visits in cases where they are being unreasonably blocked from seeing Mom or Dad by another close relative.”

House Bill 4309, now P.A. 100-0850, creates the Frail Individual Family Visitation Protection Act. If a caregiver unreasonably prevents a family member from visiting a frail individual, the new law allows the court to order the caregiver to permit visitation between the frail individual and the family member if the court finds that the visitation is in the frail individual's best interests.

“This change will not create any new rights under Illinois law.  But it will close a major loophole that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a loving daughter like me to challenge a family caregiver who is unreasonably denying visitation through our elder’s entire end-of-life,” Sandy Baksys said. “I’m thankful for the work of Representative Jimenez and everyone who made it possible.”

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